Adult Swim Announces Global Expansion Plans

Adult Swim is expanding its program globally with a long-awaited debut in Latin America.

It looks like Adult Swim is about to get a bit bigger. After the late-night program announced plans to expand its time slot stateside, a new report has gone live about its international presence. It turns out Adult Swim is making a long-awaited return to Latin America, and it will be available 24/7 for subscribers.

According to new info by Adult Swim, the brand is expanding itself internationally to include Latin America. The premium program will be open to paying customers who add the channel to their TV bundle. When accessed, the Adult Swim channel will stream content 24/7, so you can keep up with all things entertainment.

The pay-to-watch channel will launch in Latin America starting this October. At this point, no specific TV schedule is available for the channel, but we do know the program will be extensive. Asides from Adult Swim's hits like Rick and Morty, this Latin American program will feature a diverse array of Warner Bros. Discovery content.

"Fans will have 24-hour access to a steady stream of content including conic animated series that have earned the attention of passionate fans globally," Adult Swim shared. "In addition, it will have exclusive content featuring DC Comic heroes and villains; the Toonami block with its exciting anime offerings that are gaining more and more popularity in Latin America; and the entire Warner Play Universe including gameplay... and geek culture news."

Clearly, Adult Swim is ready to expand its reaches, and Latin America is a great place to start. The late-night program is known for its edgy animated titles, and Toonami's grip on anime is only becoming more valuable as the medium itself becomes more popular. Starting in October, fans in Latin America will get to see how Adult Swim feels at long last.

As for fans of Adult Swim in the United States, the program is also gaining steam. Shows like Rick and Morty have turned the Cartoon Network addition into a bold hit. Not long ago, reports confirmed Adult Swim's time slot would be expanding to feature a classic portion of Cartoon Network throwbacks including The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, and more. So if you haven't seen what Adult Swim is about these days, you better take a peek!

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