ProZD Reveals What He Puts First: Youtube Or Voice Acting

SungWon Cho might be lending his voice acting talents to the world of Aggretsuko, joining the cast for the third season of Sanrio's popular animated series as the OTM Girls manager named Hyodo, but he also might be known for his Youtube channel of ProZD and we had the the opportunity to chat over which creative outlet he would choose! With over 2.7 million subscribers on Youtube, SungWon takes the opportunity to use his creative mind and unique voice to break down some of the funniest tropes to be found in anime as well as other videos that cross his mind!

In the third season of Aggretsuko, everyone's favorite red panda accountant finds herself running into SungWon Cho's character after a stressful day, wherein she accidentally damages his car in a fender bender. Worried about not having the money to pay the damages, Retsuko instead agrees to be the accountant for Hyodo's band which he manages in the underground pop group that goes by the OTM Girls! While Aggretsuko has yet to be confirmed for a fourth season, based on the popularity of the series, we are certainly crossing our fingers that this isn't the last we've seen of Sanrio's unique creation.

In chatting with SungWon about his voice acting career and his Youtube Channel, he broke down what he would choose to do if he had to pick one, as well as the process of creating his videos that have made him a sensation online for years:

"I think that voice acting will always take priority. I enjoy doing the Youtube channel. I think for me what's been good, especially nowadays with the voice acting kicking up, I do Youtube whenever I want to. I don't feel a pressure to put out tons of content. Whenever I have time and want to make a video, I can just put it out there. As long as I enjoy it, I'll continue to do it at my own place."

From his previous work, it's clear that Cho has a bright future ahead of him in the world of voice acting, and the Youtube star noted that if he had the chance, he would love to provide voices for the anime universes of My Hero Academia and One Piece, to name a few.


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