Aggretsuko's SungWon Cho Reveals What Anime He'd Love To Be A Part Of

Aggretsuko's third season has recently landed on Netflix, presenting a new series of challenges for the titular character as she finds herself surprisingly brought into the world of underground idols, and we had the chance to speak with one of the newest characters introduced with the voice of Hyodo in SungWon Cho. Cho has voiced a number of different characters within franchises such as Legends of the Galactic Heroes and Borderlands 3, but there are still some anime properties that he is looking to dive into that are currently tearing up the charts in the world of the medium!

SungWon Cho isn't simply known for his voice acting career, but also his insanely popular Youtube Channel known as ProZD, wherein the creator critiques a number of the hilarious aspects of the medium of anime. With Aggretsuko, Cho was a fan before he arrived onto the cast as the new character Hyodo, a "stuffed shirt" who acts as the manager for the OTM Girls. Following an encounter that results in Retsuko damaging Hyodo's car, the jaguar manager enlists the accountant to the band in order to pay off the damage. Though a fourth season of Aggretsuko has yet to be confirmed, Cho has confirmed that he'd love to return as his character as he's fallen in love with the world of the Netflix original!

SungWon Cho stated in our interview that he is dying to jump into roles within the anime franchises of My Hero Academia and One Piece, loving their respective Shonen universes that has propelled them to the height of popularity within the world of anime for a number of years between them:

"I think I would love to voice a character for either One Piece or My Hero Academia. I love those universes."

Both My Hero Academia and One Piece premiered as manga within the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, focusing on the different worlds of super heroes and pirates. With Midoriya and Luffy both attempting to accomplish their dreams with the help of their friends, the characters' powers have expanded exponentially since the beginning of their respective journeys!


What voice would you like to see SungWon Cho give life to? What did you think of the third season of Aggretsuko? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Retsuko!