This Hilarious 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' Video Perfectly Summarizes The Anime

If you aren't familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh, then you might think the anime is about little else than a card game. The franchise has been around for over a decade, but the shonen series continues to attract new fans each years with its flashy action sequence and colorful protagonists. So, if you need a recap, then there is one video you need to watch.

Yeah, you can thank ProZD for the need-to-know lesson later.

Recently, the voice actor and viral video star posted the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom's new favorite thing. Twitch recently held a marathon of the anime on its site, and SungWon Cho made an ad for the series to highlight all of Yu-Gi-Oh's priorities.

As you can see above, the clip goes south pretty fast.

The clip begins with ProZD in-character as any generic shonen villain. "Yugi, if you want your precious card back, you'll have to duel me. And if you lose, I get your soul!" the baddie jeers.

Yugi seems pretty chill about the exchange, but Joey is a bit perplexed about the ordeal. The accented sidekick doesn't get why Yugi is willing to trade his soul for a card, but the hero breaks it down.

"My grandfather gave me that card, Joey. It's precious to me."

However, if Yugi's grandfather has anything to say, it is that the card means little. The man admits he got the card at Target in a booster pack, but it is Joey who comes in with the truth.

"Yug, you can buy that card for like fifty cents on Amazon," Joey pleads.

Still, Yugi will not be deterred from his reasoning or the heart of the cards. Even when the villain threatens to dunk the hero in lava, Yugi is chill, and the hero only loses it when Joey correctly guesses the hero - uh - gets off on the pain of Duel Monsters.

Of course, the actual Yu-Gi-Oh franchise doesn't support any theories about Yugi being a masochist. The series does stress the young boy's gun-ho willingness to defend his Duel Disk regardless of the outcome, so it is not too much to think Yugi would still duel under the threat of being sawed in half. After all, it isn't like Seto Kaiba would be against the measure if it kept Yugi far away from his precious Blue-Eyes White Dragons...

If you are not familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, there is more for you to brush up on than you may realize. The show was created back in 2000 and follows the life of Yugi Muto, a boy who winds up completing an ancient Egyptian relic called the Millennium Puzzle. The artifact allows Yugi to tap into a spirit called the Pharaoh, and the pair are forced to battle in various Duel Monsters tournaments when others begin to covet Yugi's mysterious puzzle.