Akira's Remastered 4K Blu-ray Will Be Released This December

Akira is one of the most important anime films ever created, and it has become a staple for fans. If you were to ask anime lovers the best films to check out, you can be sure Akira would rank high on that list alongside Ghost in the Shell and more. That is why re-releases of the movie have become very important, and it seems Akira is about to get its first 4K makeover on Blu-ray.

The announcement comes from Funimation who made the revelation earlier this morning. The company gave fans a heads up by letting them know Akira will get a 4K Blu-ray this December. In fact, the bundle will ship on December 22, so Akira will be around to help fans usher in the holiday should someone order it as a gift.

Funimation also informed fans it will begin shipping Paranoia Agent on December 15. The TV series is a classic one given its direction by Satoshi Kon. Funimation's release marks the first time Paranoia Agent has gotten an English Blu-ray release, so netizens are eager to get their hands on the bundle.


Of course, these two anime are critical darlings, and they will make any anime fan happy. Akira will be an extra special treat as many fans were worried they would miss out on the 4K release. Earlier this year, reports surfaced suggesting Akira would return to theaters with the anime debut, but that did not sit well with everyone. While a good few theaters are open despite the pandemic, there are scores of people who feel uncomfortable checking out a movie in theaters at the moment. This Blu-ray release will give all of those fans a chance to check out Akira remastered all while sitting from the safety of their couch.

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