Akira Fans Uncover a Secret Message Hidden in the Film

It should go without saying, but Akira is a big deal in the anime fandom. The movie remains a classic to this day, and for film fanatics everywhere, Akira stands as a genre-breaking masterpiece. Of course, this means the movie gets a lot of attention on the regular, and you might think the film's every secret has been uncovered. However, a new report proves that much is true as a netizen just discovered a hidden message in the movie that has been sitting in plain sight. 

The message was turned over to social media by Twitter user HikozaTwi after they spotted the odd note. According to the netizen, they spotted the message close to 40 minutes after Akira began. In the scene, fans are shown various pieces of medical equipment, and one of the machines has a sign taped on its side. The text may look like simple gibberish to fans, but HikozaTwi discovered the poster was written in Japanese using a Latin script.

With this in mind, the Twitter user was able to translate the note for fans. It turns out the warning sign reads, "Why do we have to fill in this far! Knock it off! Enough."

Clearly, this note seems pointed towards Akira as a whole. A nameless animator must have been fed up with their assignments that day, and they took out some of that anger by penning this hidden message. Now, decades after the movie went live, fans are just discovering the angry letter... and little has changed in the industry since. In this day and age, production schedules are worse than ever when it comes to anime. So if this artist was fed up with Akira, well – we can only imagine how they are faring these days. 

Did you ever notice this little secret until now? Does this discovery have you itching to rewatch Akira right about now? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

HT – Kotaku