Akira's Long-Lost Sega Genesis Game Finally Surfaces Online

If you are a fan of all things anime, then you must know of Akira. The franchise stands as one of anime's greatest thanks to the work done by Katsuhiro Otomo. The creator not only penned the manga decades but brought Akira to global audiences with his anime adaptation of the story. Even today, Akira stands tall amongst its peers, and it seems a piece of its history has finally been uncovered.

Recently, fans of Akira began buzzing when a tweet was sent out to social media. The website Hidden Palace somehow got its hands on the anime's video game adaptation that had been planned to release on the Sega Genesis years ago.

For those unaware of its history, the Akira game began development in the early 1990s and was said to go on sale in 1995. Black Pearl Software was in charge of the game, and they hoped to release it on the Sega Genesis. Sadly, worked was stalled when publisher THQ chose to cancel the game due to yet-known conflict.

Now, it seems Hidden Palace has gotten its hand on what was made of the game. The website, which is dedicated to preserving "video game development media", shows how dense Akira would have been for gamers.

After all, there are all sorts of levels in the game. From platforming stages to shooters and even motorcycle races, Akira seems to have it all. It also features a slew of cutscene which bring scenes of Akira to life on the Sega, and they look impressive for the time. Now, the prototype is here to show fans how Akira might have fared on the console and perhaps inspire developers to give the franchise another go.

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Katsuhiro Otomo originally created Akira in 1982, and it later inspired the equally as prolific 1988 animated film (which Otomo himself directed). The story is set in a dystopian world following the bleak close of World War III. A gang leader known as Kaneda finds himself embroiled in a massive government operation when his best friend begins exhibiting powerful telekinetic gifts. To save his friend, Kaneda must get to the bottom of Neo Tokyo’s espers, but the lead quickly learns he is in way over his head.

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