Amazon Launches Exclusive Godzilla Fashion Line and Phone Collection

Amazon wrapped its annual Prime Day event the other day, but things are still sizzling for kaiju lovers at the retailer. The online giant recently announced a slew of exclusive merch pushes for shows such as WandaVision. Now, it seems Godzilla has joined the list, and the collection is something die-hard fans won't want to miss.

As you can see down below, an array of Godzilla goods have been brought to Amazon exclusively for consumers. A line of t-shirts depicting Toho's icons have gone live along with cell phone cases, pop sockets, and more.

If you want to find these pieces, you have to search them on Amazon by name. For instance, 'Icons of Toho shirts' will bring up all the tops on the online retailer. Of course, has already pulled the links for you which you can find below.

When it comes to the Godzilla t-shirts, Toho has brought several throwback monsters to its Amazon collection. You can show off Jet Jaguar, Mechagodzilla, The Return of Godzilla, GMK, Hedorah, Anguirus, or Millennium Godzilla depending on your taste. Each shirt costs $23 USD before tax, and Prime members get free shipping on the pieces.

As for the cellphone cases, you can find them here at Amazon. There two prints currently available called Destruction and Reef. There are cases available for Galaxy devices and iPhones, so you can pick whatever size you need. Each piece costs about $20 USD, and the pop sockets are similarly priced at about $16 USD. The black-and-white stamp sockets feature characters like Jet Jaguar, Mothra, Destroyah, Anguirus, and Megalon to start.


What do you think about this exclusive Godzilla collection? Will you be nabbing any of the pieces? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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