Animal Crossing Fans Give Isabelle and Nook the Perfect Anime Makeover

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is letting fans of the franchise build their own islands and worlds on their Nintendo Switch, with one fan deciding to imagine what two of the biggest characters of the game in Isabelle and Tom Nook would look like if they were given a much more human and anime style! Nook and Isabelle are two of the most visited characters in the "build your own universe" Nintendo exclusive, offering players a number of items and tasks that help make the time fly by and if there are any two anthropomorphic characters that should be dropped into an anime, it's these two!

When a player arrives to their own personal island in New Horizons, they are greeted by the raccoon who is responsible for arranging all of the accommodations, Tom Nook. With Nook not afraid to lend players any amount of money, or bells, the Nintendo Switch player is almost always in a state of debt, attempting to pay off what they own to the calm and collected landlord. Isabelle, on the other hand, is Nook's assistant and while she doesn't ask for bells regularly to pay off a debt, she will still help you on your journey of creating your own personal world filled with your online friends and anthropomorphic residents.

Twitter Artist Kisaragyuu shared their impressive artwork that gives a new spin to both Nook and Isabelle, imaging what they would look like in an anime series that would transform them from lovable animal creatures into human protagonists that could help players on their path of crafting and constructing:

Fans of the decades old video game franchise might not realize that Animal Crossing did have something of its own "anime" movie, released in Japan in 2006 which follows a brand new character named Ai who finds herself surrounded by some familiar, and unfamiliar, animalistic characters inhabiting the "Animal Village". While the movie didn't break any records at the box office, it's an interesting tidbit about the video game franchise and proves that the series has the ability to leap off Nintendo consoles and onto the big screens.


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