The World's Biggest Anime Database Is Officially Open

Anime is more than 100 years old at this point, and the medium continues to grow by the month all thanks to new titles. The industry as a whole has released thousands upon thousands of shows, and more are to come. Of course, that means it can be a nightmare keeping track of shows, and now the world's largest anime database has opened to the public in hopes of helping fans out.

The update was shared this week as Anime Taizen was launched to the public following its big launch in 2015 under the Association of Japanese Animations. The organization began its Anime Next 100 project that year in order to celebrate the medium's 100th anniversary. The project's top goal was to release a database that tracks as many anime series as possible, and the site has come far enough to warrant its public release.

According to Anime Taizen, the website has about 15,000 titles locked in its database. The series tracked so far are mostly commercial anime works from as early as 1917. Users can search the anime database in a number of ways from a standard name query to episode count and more. So far, the database has roughly 180,000 episodes registered, so this tool will be a definite boon for anime lovers.

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Currently, the site is only available in English, but additional languages could be added down the line. Anime Taizen is definitely a work in progress, after all. More anime series are being added daily whether they're new or come from decades ago. And as long as the industry continues its global boom, there is no doubt Anime Taizen will be a go-to resource for creators and fans.

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