This Gorgeous Anime Short Is Really a McDonald's Commercial

McDonald's has had a very weird collection of characters under its employ that have helped sell [...]

McDonald's has had a very weird collection of characters under its employ that have helped sell its cheeseburgers over the years. From a red and yellow clown to a burglar who steals only hamburgers to the physical embodiment of sadness that is the Grimace, the Yellow Arches has had countless commercials to promote its restaurant. Now it seems that McDonald's is entering into the world of anime by putting together an advertisement that promotes its fast food in Japan with a gorgeous animation that combines the winter, hot food, and friendship in a heart warming tale that is a first for the long running burger joint.

SoraNews24 shared the video that had three friends banding together to brave the winter cold to grab some of McDonald's newest sandwich from their "Gurakoro" line that offers exclusive items to Japan, featuring "croquet" style sandwiches that transition perfectly into the world of animation!

McDonald's has created some crazy attempts to spread their "message" to the world, helping to create feature length films like Mac & Me, as well as even having some video games that featured some of their favorite characters and themes. Though it will be hard for them to ever compete with the video game that is Sneak King from the folks over at Burger King, McDonald's is still one of the premiere, and most recognizable fast food restaurants the world over.

This however isn't the first time that McDonald's has entered the anime game, as years ago, the fast food franchise dipped its toes into the world of animation with a recruitment video that followed a young girl as she became a part timer for the restaurant chain. Said video focused far more on hilarity rather than pulling on heart strings, attempting to bring new workers into the fold with the advertisement.

Many established anime series have been used in the past to help sell individual products such as the symbiotic relationship that was formed between One Piece and Nissin Cup Noodles that created an entirely new universe wherein the Straw Hat Pirates were re-imagined as high schoolers instead of swashbucklers.

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