This Rare Anime Action Figure Just Sold at Auction for $200k

These days, there are few things hotter on the market than collectibles. From high-tech gear to nostalgic throwbacks, fans are willing to shell out plenty of money for items that align with their fandom. Of course, this goes double for anime fans as some of the industry's best toys were kept exclusively in Japan. And now, one old-school action figure just exceeded expectations with a whopping $200,000 USD price tag.

The update comes from Japan as a local hobby shop in Tokyo put up an incredibly rare toy for auction. In fact, the figure might be the rarest Japanese toy fans can trace. Somehow, the group found the Garada K-7 action figure from Mazinger Z, and the incredibly rare toy made bank at auction.

Originally, estimates expected the 1973 figure to sell for around $100,000 but that price skyrocketed once the auction opened. The price almost doubled in the end as it made $198,130 USD.

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Obviously, that price tag is insane, but it goes to show what kind of money collectors will toss around. The Garada K-7 figure is one most have never heard about, but when it comes to mecha enthusiasts, it is a holy grail. The Popy-produced figure was so limited when it was released, and few of those toys still exist. To find one in such good condition is a rare find if not a one-in-a-million opportunity. So if you ever happen to see one of these figures in the wild, it might be worth nabbing it...!

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