Manga Fans Spot Uncanny Comparison Between Apple's iPhone 11 and Retro Mecha Series

If you haven't heard, Apple has done it yet again. The tech company held a major presentation [...]

If you haven't heard, Apple has done it yet again. The tech company held a major presentation yesterday where it made the next generation of iPhones public. The iPhone 11 will be the next phone to join the series, but netizens did not know how to feel about one model's multiple cameras. And anime fans?

Well, they decided to make memes about it. What else did you expect them to do when the iPhone 11 looks so much like some retro tech presented by Armored Trooper Votoms.

Over on Twitter, the anime fandom made jokes about the iPhone 11 like many others did, but the most popular meme goes to the Votoms community. The group was quick to spot how similar the phone's three-camera system looked to the Scopedog robots which were featured prominently in the 1980s anime.

As you can see online, the memes have been aplenty, and they are not letting up. The comparison comes down to the fact Scopedog has three lenses on its head. The scopes give the mecha increased aim and precision. Of course, the iPhone has added its extra cameras to give fans more wide angle options, so you can see how the upgrades connect the two.

Some fans of Votoms admit the comparison is close, but there are better ones within the series. Votoms' Diving Beetle mecha has been a favorite comparison as well as the Snapping Turtle armor. Now, the fandom is warring with itself to one-up the last meme, and the rest of the Internet can laugh knowing an anime from the '80s predicated the iPhone 11 years ago.

For those wanting to grab the iPhone, you better start saving up money now. There are three tiers of the iPhone 11, and none of them will come cheap. The lowest tier will be $699 USD before the iPhone 11 Pro runs fans nearly $999. The highest tier will cost fans a whopping $1,099 and up once tax is included, so fans better choose wisely with these phones. Pre-orders for the phones will begin starting September 13, so tech lovers can start their savings fund now and start making a dent in their payments now.

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via Anime News Network