Attack on Titan Staff Reflects on the Show's CG Evolution

The final season of Attack on Titan is set to arrive next year, putting the Scout Regiment into the most difficult situation they've ever faced, which is definitely saying something considering how terrible the battles of the Eldians has been so far. With Japan Expo taking place, a number of creative minds behind the anime adaptation took the opportunity to discuss the series as well as dive into the CG animation style used in the fourth season of the dark anime franchise.     

Yabuta was joined by both Hiroshi Seko, the screenplay writer for the animated adaptation, as well as executive producer Manabu Otsuka, with the CG animation specialist revealing how they were initially nervous but gained confidence over time:

"I was nervous when I heard that Wit Studio had dropped out, but I felt reassured when I learned that the project would be with MAPPA. At first, I wasn't interested in converting Titans to CGI, but Tetsuro Araki (former Attack on Titan director) allowed me to adapt and work on it. In the third part, there are more Titans, so we have to make a more stable CGI, but thanks to the talent of the team, we'll be able to handle it for sure."

The final episodes of Attack on Titan are slated to land next year, with MAPPA keeping the exact release date close to their chests, but fans of the manga well know just how epic the final confrontation is. When last we left the Scout Regiment, they had acquired the means to reach their former friend Eren as he leads hundreds, if not thousands, of Colossal Titans to the doorstep of the nation of Marley. Needless to say, the final fight is set to be the biggest of the series to date.

Creator Hajime Isayama bucked expectations when it came to the finale and how it played out, transforming Eren Jaeger from protagonist to antagonist, and it's no surprise to see that the grand finale was quite controversial amongst the fan community. As it stands, there's been no hint of MAPPA changing the ending in any way, though it will be interesting to see how the final fight plays out regardless.

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