‘Attack On Titan' Season 3 To Go On Hiatus

If you have been enjoying your latest fix of Attack on Titan, you better enjoy season three while you can. After all, it seems the anime is heading for a hiatus, and it might be a pretty long.

Recently, Attack on Titan aired its latest episode, but the release was a bittersweet surprise. New reports began popping up on social media from Japanese locals, and they revealed the show was heading for a 3-week hiatus at minimum.

As explained on Reddit, fans in Japan were able to check out October's issue of TV Guide and see what NHK had in store for the fall. As the network airs Attack on Titan, fans had hoped to see the show listed as usual, but that is not the case.

"As previously confirmed, there is 100% no SnK broadcasts for the early mornings of 10/15, 10/22, and 10/29. Or in any other NHK timeslot during the weeks after the 10/8 broadcast. It wouldn't have been shown at any earlier time anyhow, considering the "maturity" of the content," a fan wrote.

As the post explains, NHK is not replacing the late slot with another anime, and TV Guide does not explicitly denote Attack on Titan's next episode as a finale. For now, it looks like the anime is simply being removed from its network's schedule as soon as season three airs its 12th episode on October 8.

So far, Wit Studios and NHK have not said anything about the scheduling gap, but fans feel confident Attack on Titan is heading for a cour-long hiatus. By following a split cour schedule, the show will have time to flesh out its episode order's backend and keep Attack on Titan from competing in an already busy fall season. So, if the show's 3-week break ends up lasting until January, fans shouldn't be too shocked.

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Attack on Titan was originally created by Hajime Isayama for Kodansha's Bessatsu Shonen Magazine in 2009. The series has since been collected into 23 volumes as of 2017, and it's set in a world where the last remnants of humanity live within a walled city in order to escape the danger of the Titans, a race of giants monsters that eats humans. The lead character, Eren Yeager, ends up joining the military with his two childhood friends Mikasa and Armin after the Titans break through the wall and attack his hometown.

Now Eren, Mikasa, and Armin must survive in a world where they not only have the Titans to fear, but the very humans they are trying to save. You can currently find the series streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Saturday nights on Adult Swim's Toonami block.