Attack on Titan Season 4 Revisits Annie at Long Last

Attack on Titan has been rolling through its fourth season since December, and the series has received near-universal praise for its adaptation. With this season being the last, fans are looking for this final run to answer a lot of questions, and there are also some characters who need a check-in. And now, it seems like one of the biggest missing-in-action characters just got a major update.

The whole thing went down in the most recent episode of Attack on Titan. The update honed in on Annie Leonhart at last as fans were reunited with her. As it turns out, the girl is still being kept under the city, and Armin has been visiting her frequently for one-side chats.

Attack on Titan follows Armin during one of these visits in season four. The boy is given an allotted amount of time to visit with Annie even though she doesn't know he is there. Armin simply sits on the ground before her crystalized cocoon, and he tells Annie all about the Paradis military's trip to Marley.

It is there Armin admits the military's choice to help Eren has cost them peace. The island nation has no choice but to fight now as Marley and its allies will come knocking at its doors before long. Armin says he is beginning to understand how Annie felt when she arrived at Paradis all those years ago with Reiner and Bertholt. The guilt and anxiety she felt then have been passed to Armin, and the boy leaves the guarded room with little assurance. It seems he is on his own for now, and Attack on Titan fans are left to wonder where Annie might go from here.

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