Attack on Titan Crew Reassures Fans About Studio Swap Ahead of Season Premiere

There are just a few days separating fans from a new season of Attack on Titan, so it goes without saying they are hyped. The fourth and final season of the series promises to be an important one as Eren brings his long journey to an end. While most fans are ready to peep the season, some admit they are nervous given the anime's recent studio swap. But in a recent interview, the director of Attack on Titan is reassuring fans all is well with the season.

The update came from a recent exhibition put forth by MAPPA Studios, the company who is now producing the anime. Director Yuichiro Hayashi put forward his thoughts on the show, and he wanted fans to know his team has been working diligently.

Attack On Titan Season Four New Art
(Photo: Studio MAPPA)

"It seems that we have taken on a big project, but there is no turning back now. This year we have been working on it with the new team and recreating it through animation," Hayashi said (via AttackOnFans).

Continuing, the director said he was surprised WIT Studio chose to pass on Attack on Titan, but MAPPA was plenty eager to give the series a try. "It was a surprise about the change of studio as WIT Studio has been working on this project for many years," the said.

"Now we have to start from scratch in a short period of time which may be very stressful. However, MAPPA Studio has put all its efforts into this project."

The director was not the only voice who commented on the studio swap. Manabu Otsuki, the president of MAPPA, said the company took up Attack on Titan knowing full well it would be criticized harshly for any diversions from what WIT did. However, Otsuku says MAPPA perseveres because its staff understands how important Attack on Titan is to fans.

"We know that there are many fans who are eager to see the end of Attack on Titan... it has been a lot of work, and we are still not sure if the final product will be loved by the fans, but we will still put all our efforts into completing this project."


For now, fans will have to hold judgement until season four debuts shortly. The series is expected to debut on December 7 in Japan with simulcasts happening overseas through sites like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and more.

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