New 'Attack on Titan' Interview Talks Up Annie And Pieck

Attack on Titan fans miss Annie Leonhart. It's just a fact.It has been a long time since the [...]

Attack on Titan fans miss Annie Leonhart. It's just a fact.

It has been a long time since the soldier was last seen, and her final moments were less-than-pleasant. After her double-agent status was revealed, Annie sealed herself in an impenetrable crystal to keep Paradis from unlocking all her Female Titan secrets. So, you can see why fans of the soldier miss her these days.

Luckily for those guys, the creator of Attack on Titan decided to name-drop Annie in a recent interview.

Bessatsu Shonen Magazine has released its February 2018 issue, and the publication had a new interview with Hajime Isayama. It was there the man answered one brief question about the girl, but it gave Annie stans a bone.

According to translator Suniuz on Tumblr, Isayama was asked whether Annie and Pieck got along well. The artist said it didn't seem likely the two were close.

"Because Annie kept a distance from everyone, I don't think they were very close to each other," Isayama wrote.

Of course, some fans will be sad to hear about Annie and her indifference. The girl was the closest with Reiner and Bertolt as the trio infiltrated Paradis together. When Annie was taken into custody, the boys were shaken, but their true feelings were revealed when they got outed as Titan Shifters as well. Bertolt had very strong objections to leaving Annie behind, and fans are certain the girl would have felt the same had their places been reversed.

In the manga, Annie and Pieck didn't get much time to form a bond. Though the two are girls, they dedicated themselves to using the Titan Powers they were each given. Annie stuck close to her posse while Pieck became close friends with Porco, the user of the Jaw Titan, instead. If Annie ever makes an escape from Paradis, she might just get to work with the Cart Titan, and that team would make plenty of readers ecstatic.

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