Attack on Titan Creator Introduces Billie Eilish to Eren in Special Sketch

Billie Eilish is currently tackling a media tour in Japan before her world tour resumes.

Billie Eilish has more than earned her place atop the music industry. The singer spent years working to become an overnight success, and since their big break, Eilish has become a force within the industry. With a world tour underway, Eilish will return to the stage in September, and she is taking time now to do some press in Japan. And to welcome the artist, the creator of Attack on Titan decided to gift a special piece of art to Eilish.

The whole thing came to light in Japan as Eilish began appearing on a slew of variety shows, and it was there staff showered the singer with gifts. In her latest TV appearance, Eilish was stunned when the staff handed her a hand drawn sketch by Hajime Isayama. The artist behind Attack on Titan inked Eilish meeting Eren, and the Grammy-winning singer looks fierce in the shot.

With their hands on some maneuvering gear, Eilish looks ready to take down some Titans, and Eren is ready to follow the singer into battle. The special sketch imagines how Eilish would look in the world of Attack on Titan, and Isayama makes the transformation seamless. This tribute has fans begging Eilish to hit up a concert in full Survey Corps cosplay. So maybe, the Colossal Titan will join Eilish on stage when her world tour resumes in Canada.

This special gift is not the only one Eilish was gifted in Japan. Not only did the singer get to watch New Jeans perform on a variety show this week, but the creator of Sailor Moon gifted the singer a present. Naoko Takeuchi signed a special edition of her Sailor Moon Raisonne art book for Eilish, and given the singer's reaction, it seems the gift was the perfect thing to pass along. 

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