Attack On Titan Celebrates Levi's Birthday with Gorgeous Jewelry Line

Attack On Titan is set to throw plenty of casualties fans' way when the series returns for its final episodes early next year, and the franchise is releasing plenty of merch to get ready for the series' curtain call. Of all the characters introduced in the war between Eldians and Marleyians, perhaps none have been more popular than Levi, with a new jewelry line helping to send off the powerful swordsman of the Scout Regiment before the franchise ends.   

Captain Levi has proved himself to be one of the strongest members of the Scout Regiment, despite the fact that his status as an Ackermann stops him from being able to inherit the powers of the Titan. With the Beast Titan responsible for the death of his best friend, Erwin, the swordsman has no love lost for Zeke, which now puts him at odds with Eren considering that the series protagonist is throwing his lot in with his brother to enact the "Euthanasia Plan," which is an attempt to use the power of the Founding Titan to sterilize the Eldian race in a bid to stop the power of the Titans.

Twitter Outlet Attack On Titan Wiki shared a new look at this jewelry inspired by Captain Levi, with the jewelry inspired by Levi's love of tea which has been a mainstay in the anime franchise when the Scout Regiment member hasn't been carving his way through various Titans over the course of the series:

Attack On Titan's final episodes are set to arrive next year, but this might not be the end of the series on television as rumors are swirling that the dark franchise might be working on future projects in the world of anime. While Levi's status is still up in the air following the events of the first half finale of season four, he'll remain a fan-favorite character for some time to come thanks to his ability to rally the troops and all-around skill when it comes to the swords at his side.

What do you think of these new items inspired by Captain Levi? Do you think he will survive the events of the final season of Attack On Titan's anime? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Titans.