'Attack On Titan' Fans Are Preparing For Its Biggest Update Yet

The time has almost come, Attack on Titan fans. After years in print, the beloved series is set to release its 100th chapter this month, and Hajime Isayama has all but promised the update will be a must-read. And, as you can see online, readers are preparing themselves for what will come with chapter 100.

If you step into the anime fandom right now, you will see fans preparing for the manga's next release. Kodansha will publish Attack on Titan's new chapter on December 9, but fans of the franchise know leaks will come before the official publication date comes around. Spoilers for the massive chapter are expected to drop between now and the ninth, so readers are living on tiptoes until the notes go live.

For those of you needing a refresher on all thing Attack on Titan, the manga's 100th chapter will take place after a pivotal moment in Marley. The series' latest chapter saw Eren Jaeger and Reiner Braun reunite in Marley after the former successfully infiltrated the country. Eren, threatening to transform into a Titan, forced Reiner to sit down and listen as William Tybur made a speech hundreds of Marley residents.

Fans read on as Willy claimed to reveal the secret history of Marley and its relationship with Paradis. The man claimed history scrubbed the Fritz's true contribution to Marley as King Karl Fritz was the one who actually saved the country and not the Tyburs of Helos. The royal took pity on Marley and brought about the collapse of the Eldian Empire. Fritz took many of the Eldians to Paradis and sequestered them within the Walls to keep peace, and the king was left with just the Founding Titan to balance his power. However, Eren's surprise inheritance of the weapon makes Willy say that the countries' tenuous peace is now over. Eren is said to be responsible for Paradis' instability, and fans are certain something crazy will happen in chapter 100 thanks to the reveal.

So far, there is no word on what will go down after Willy's reveal, but fans are thinking a new Grim Reminder could happen. Attack on Titan set itself up to kill plenty dozens of people in its next chapter, and Isayama has never hesitated to shed blood before. When the manga returns, it will do so with a game-changing chapter to commemorate its milestone release, and fans are already feeling shook.


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