'Attack On Titan' Just Gave [SPOILER] A Grim Reminder

Warning! Massive spoilers for Attack On Titan’s 100th episode lie below!

After a long wait, the time has finally come. Attack on Titan’s 100th chapter has gone live, and fans are clamoring over the milestone release. Dozens of fan-theories were made ahead of the chapter, but fans could not have predicted what really came to pass. You know, since Hajime Isayama drew up a second Grim Reminder and all.

If you remember how Attack on Titan began, then you know what a Grim Reminder is. Eren Jaeger and Paradis got the rude reminder when the Colossal Titan and Armored Titan broke through their country’s protective walls. The event was meant to remind Paradis of the true threat Titans pose, and Marley wanted to give the island a reminder of its own strength. And, thanks to Eren, Marley just got a reminder of their very own.

Attack on Titan’s new chapter began with a surprising moment between Willy Tybur and General Magath. The pair revealed they knew Paradis had infiltrated Marley, but Willy was willing to sacrifice himself to spur on Marleyans and Eldians to fight against Paradis. The inheritor of the War Hammer Titan went on to rally an internment camp full of Eldians to go to war.

So, Eren chose to show up and wreck the massive speech with his Titan form.


After speaking with Reiner and Falco in secret, Eren shifted into his Titan form and tore up the stage Willy was speaking on. Hundreds of Eldians and Marleyan officials watched in horror as a new Titan showed up before them, and the chapter cut off before any serious bloodshed could go down. Only Willy and a few bystanders were struck by Eren’s Titan form, but the character’s grim reminder will not have a low bodycount for long. If Paradis has anything to say, Marley is about to face a type of wrath they haven’t seen for years.

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