Attack On Titan Concept Art Reveals Pieck's Original Design

Attack On Titan ended the first half of the fourth and final season of its anime with a huge cliffhanger as the nation of Marley promises a reckoning against the "devil of Paradis" in Eren Jaeger, and with the series set to return in 2022, the original designs for the Cart Titan have found their way online. With Pieck having a large role in the final season of the anime, it's clear that all of the Nine Titans' power will play a major role in the finale of the dark anime franchise that has become one of the biggest in the world.

Season Four gave us our first look at the Cart Titan in human form, the Marleyian soldier known as Pieck, who has become so used to being in her Titan form that she is often seen crawling around the floor even when she isn't rampaging against the Survey Corps. Creator Hajime Isayama apparently had far different plans for the Cart Titan, with the mangaka's original plan being for Pieck to be a middle-aged man rather than a younger woman, which would have obviously had big changes for the Eldian who worked on Marley's behalf. Needless to say, expect Pieck to continue having a big role in the second half of the fourth season.

Twitter User Ken Xyro shared the original designs for the human side of the Cart Titan, who helped save the lives of her comrades more than once in Attack On Titan, especially when Marley was able to strap on modern technology using the best technology the world had at the moment:

The last time we saw Pieck in action, she was attempting to pull a fast one on Eren Jaeger, seemingly throwing away her allegiance to Marley and willing to point out her comrades that were infiltrating the Eldians' home turf. Nearly managing to consume the power of the Founding Titan, the Jaw Titan attempted to chow down on Eren, leading to a cliffhanger that has fans counting the days until Attack On Titan's anime returns in early 2022.

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