Attack on Titan Starts Dubbing the Final Half of Season 4

Attack on Titan is on the cusp of its final episodes. After years spent in the spotlight, the anime is bidding farewell to fans with season four, and work is underway on the massive comeback. After all, the show is slated to return before long, and it turns out dubbing just underway on season four at last.

The update comes from Masafumi Mima, one of the sound directors who oversee Attack on Titan. The creator posted a photo to Twitter celebrating the cast's return, and it was there fans got a peek at Yuki Kaji recording lines for Eren Yeager.

"A scene from dubbing Attack on Titan," Mima posted for fans. "In trying to meet director Hayashi's direction, Yuki Kaji, who plays Eren, works through some tribal and error boy sitting or standing while acting. Everyone is determined even when moving forward is tough."

Clearly, Mima is hard at work overseeing the stars as they record, and the same can be said for the talent themselves. Kaji has played Eren since day one, so it is no surprise to see him getting into the role in these shots. But in the end, there is no doubt the pressure is on. Attack on Titan's final season cannot afford to slip even the slightest, and Kaji has lots to do for Eren in this final arc.

At this time, fans aren't sure when Attack on Titan season four will return exactly, but they know it will be part of the Winter 2022 cour. If you need to catch up with the series, you can find all of Attack on Titan streaming at Funimation or Crunchyroll depending on your dub vs sub preference. The manga can also be read through Crunchyroll as Attack on Titan ended its explosive story earlier this year. 


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