Attack On Titan Final Season Trailer Teases Massive Titan Rematch

The trailer for the final season of Attack On Titan hasn't just shown the war heating up between Marley and Eldia, it's given us our first look at a re-match that has been a long time coming, with Eren Jaeger squaring off against his former friend Reiner in their respective Titan forms of the Attack Titan and the Armored Titan. With the next season being helmed by Studio MAPPA, fans are waiting with baited breath to see the further adventures of the Survey Corps and how the final battle between these two nations will resolve itself.

The revelation that Reiner was the Armored Titan, and Bertholdt was the Colossal Titan, was one of the biggest revelations of the anime franchise, with the shock being dropped almost haphazardly as Eren's final friend begged the young soldier to come with them to avoid further bloodshed. Reiner and Bertholdt were undercover agents of Marley, essentially working for the nation that put down the members of the Eldian race for perceived "past sins", and were fervent believers in their nation's mission. Despite their passion for their beliefs, it wasn't enough to save Bertholdt's life and the first trailer for the final season shows that Reiner is struggling with the emotional toll that was undertaken him throughout his quest.

The conclusion of the third season not only showed the Survey Corps clashing with the likes of the Armored Titan, Beast Titan, Colossal Titan, and Cart Titan, but show the "post traumatic stress disorder" that was currently befalling Reiner. With his mind seemingly shattered as a result of the actions that he took as an agent of Marley, he was defeated at the hands of Eren in his Titan form as well as a combination of Survey Corps members that managed to blast him out of his Armored Titan form.

The Armored Titan has been a part of the series since the first episode, helping in knocking down the wall that separated the people of Eldia from the Titans that roamed the countryside, and though he's fought against Eren a number of times since revealing his true nature, this upcoming fight is looking to be one of the biggest to date!


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