Attack on Titan's New Director Comments on Fourth and Final Season

Attack on Titan is on the minds of millions thanks to its first-look at season four after its first trailer dropped last week. The update caught fans by surprise as they finally got to take a look at the final season of the hit series. Now, it seems like the show's new director has opened up about his expectations for the final season, and longtime fans are eager to see what Yuichio Hayashi is all about.

For those out of the loop, this final season of Attack on Titan will be different from the rest. The fourth season is not being overseen by WIT Studio who created seasons one through three. The final season will be done by MAPPA Studios.

The change in the studio has prompted Attack on Titan to get a new director. Hayashi has been asked to take over the position from Tetsuro Araki who has overseen Attack on Titan for years now. The newcomer has shared a brief statement addressing his hopes for this fourth and final season. And as you can imagine, Hayashi knows he has big shoes to fill.

attack on titan season 4
(Photo: MAPPA Studios)

"Beginning this final season, I will take charge as director. Joining in the middle of this battle is very exciting. With full cooperation from Wit Studio and Director Araki, we have carried on with the season's work," the director shared.

"The quality of the season higher than the reset, and the staff's energy is put into it. We will convey that as much as possible and do our best. Please look forward to the final season of Attack on Titan."


Now, it seems like season four is charging forward with a new team, so fans are curious to see what the animators will bring to the table. Attack on Titan wowed millions with its outing of season three, so there is a lot at stake should MAPPA Studios fail. But given the company's track record, fans are fairly optimistic that the final leg of Eren's story will be done justice.

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