Attack on Titan Star Reveals How the Anime Changed Their Life

Attack on Titan's final season has been quite bleak, which is saying something considering the tragic lives that the Scout Regiment has lived to this point. With the last episodes set to premiere next year, the voice behind Japan's Eren Jaeger, Yuki Kaji, took the opportunity to share how the series has changed his life and the lessons that he learned from playing the Attack Titan who recently gained the power of the Founding Titan thanks to recent events

Eren Jaeger has gone through some serious changes in this fourth and final season, spending his time creating a band of loyalists known as the Jaegerists while fighting against both his friends and enemies in an effort to create the world he desires. With the third part of this final season arriving next year, Eren will be front and center in the proceedings though it definitely won't be a happy reunion when he comes face to face with his former friends

The Japanese voice actor behind Eren Jaeger, Yuki Kaji, took the opportunity to explore not only how the dark anime franchise changed his life, but went into detail over the lessons he learned voicing the former hero turned villain in Attack on Titan's final season: 

"It's going to be ten years since that start of the anime's broadcast very soon. Now I feel that my meeting with it was fate. Without Attack on Titan, without Eren... I wouldn't be where I am today and I can say so. This work has taught me so much: to live. What does it mean to fight? What is justice? What is evil? Although I live in a non-fiction world, this story approaches the depths of the psyche with a rawness that goes beyond even the fiction. What is real and what is fiction? We must use our own brains and hearts to discern this."

On top of these thoughts, Kaji also stated that he is "still learning" from the series and has grown an amazingly strong connection with the man now wielding the power of the Founding Titan:

"I'm still learning from Attack on Titan and I'm sure I will never stop learning from it for the rest of my life. Anyway, I will fight alongside Eren until the anime is completed. I will stake my life and I will play Eren with all my heart and soul." 

Via Attack on Fans