Attack on Titan: Suspect Arrested After Sending Death Threats to Mikasa Voice Actress and Others

Attack on Titan is one of the biggest series out there, but its stars are not immune to threats beyond the Titans which control their lives. Earlier this year, reports confirmed that the Japanese actress behind Mikasa Ackerman was troubled as she began to receive anonymous threats against her life as well as her family. Now, it turns out the suspect who sent those death threats has been arrested, and they also threatened to kill the director behind Kemono Friends.

Reports from Japan have confirmed Fukata Kishimoto has been arrested under suspicion of intimidation and forcible obstruction of business. Authorities in Kyoto arrested the 21-year-old after the suspect sent threats to Yui Ishikawa and director TATSUKI.

According to NHK, Kishimoto posted these threats on message boards where all could see. TATSUKI was targeted after the director became famous for his work on Kemono Friends' first season. He also targeted Ishikawa and her family as well as other staff. The posts referenced the horrific Kyoto Animation arson which killed 36 people last July as the suspect threatened to stab his targets and set them on fire. Ishikawa and TATSUKI submitted these threats to police individually, and it caused season two of Kemono Friends to halt production temporarily.

mikasa attack on titan
(Photo: Wit Studios)

Authorities say the suspect admitted to writing the posts. Kishimoto claims to have a personal grudge against TATSUMAKI but never really intended to harm him. So far, no word has been given on why the suspect targeted Ishikawa specifically out of the show's entire cast. No information has been given on Kishimoto's trial at this point, but fans are rallying behind TATSUMAKI and Ishikawa following their harrowing ordeal with the suspect's death threats.

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