Attack On Titan Sets Off Its Final Fight Against the Beast Titan

Attack On Titan is in the "end game" of its story line, with the Survey Corps finally making their way to Eren Jaeger in a bid to stop their former friend from eliminating anyone that doesn't have Eldian blood flowing through their veins, but Eren isn't alone, as the final fight for Zeke Jaeger, the Beast Titan, has seemingly begun! With the fourth and final season of the anime set to be released later this year from Studio MAPPA, there are definitely more than a few scenes such as this one that fans are waiting to see animated for the first time!

Warning! If you have yet to read the latest chapter of Attack On Titan's manga, Chapter 134, you may want to steer clear as this article will dive into serious spoiler territory for the end game of the series!

The Survey Corps has finally arrived to face off with Eren Jaeger, who inherited the powers of the Founding Titan thanks in part to some time travel shennanigans alongside the Beast Titan, his brother Zeke. With Zeke still sticking by his brother's side as he attempts to enact his "euthanasia plan", aka murdering everyone that doesn't have Eldian blood flowing through their veins via a line of rampaging Titans, the first one to cross his path is Reiner. Reiner, who was originally a devout soldier dedicated to the nation of Marley, switched sides to save his people and the world!

Attack On Titan Final Beast Titan
(Photo: Kodansha)

Previously, the Survey Corps had come into contact with Eren within a mental landscape, wherein the younger Jaeger was joined by the spirit of Ymir, letting his former friends know that he wasn't going to take control of their bodies with the power of the Founding Titan. Zeke remains an antagonist to the Survey Corps, having shifted his allegiances in order to assist his brother in assisting the Eldian people and working toward a goal that means mass genocide across the world.


With Hajime Isayama's epic series coming closer to its curtain call, scenes like the Armored Titan squaring off against the Beast Titan are sure to get a lot of fan fare when they make landfall in the anime adaptation that will be created by Studio MAPPA!

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