Attack on Titan Shocks Fans Over Armin's Planned Sacrifice

Attack on Titan is known to surprise fans at the most unexpected times, but few things were as shocking as Armin's most recent stunt. The hero stands as one of the series' leads, but his determination to kill himself to save another shook readers to their core. Now, fans are trying to parse out the thinking behind the act and whether Mikasa should be more afraid for her friend. That is, when the pair aren't already worried over Eren.

Recently, Attack on Titan went live with a new chapter, and the release witnessed Armin hit a shocking low. Fans have known the boy to be fatalistic from time to time, but it has rarely progressed. Unlike Reiner, Armin has kept himself away from suicidal impulses, but that all changed with chapter 126.

The manga follows Armin as he and Gabi catch up with Connie who has taken Falco to his home. As fans know, Connie was hoping to feed the boy to his mom so she could return to her human shape, but Armin is not about to let that happen. In fact, he stops Connie in the most unexpected way when he offers himself up as a snack to his mother.

After all, Armin and Falco are much the same. The boys wield the power of a Titan as Armin took the Colossal Titan from Bertholt. The Jaw Titan resides with Falco, making him one of the more powerful Titans out there. If Connie is so desperate for his mom to live, Armin was fine killing himself to satisfy the need all while letting Falco live... but that did not go over so well.

As you can guess, Armin wasn't allowed to go on with the offer. He was rescued by Connie mid-jump before his mom could eat a light snack. The jarring ordeal led Connie to realize he was acting crazy, and the realization helped push him to organize soldiers willing to stop Eren's genocide at all cost.


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