Attack on Titan Goes Viral After Malaysia's Censored Manga Shocks Fans

Attack on Titan is no stranger to controversy, and it continues to bring up debate to this day. Whether it is over violence or politics, the hit Kodansha series is shockingly good at stirring the pot, so some censors have tried their hand at tempering the story. Now, it seems Attack on Titan is going viral thanks to one of its censorship attempts, and it has readers eyeing Malaysia in good fun.

The whole ordeal came to light when Twitter user WallyyTheGreat shared a post with fans. The user posted a quick shot of the Attack on Titan manga in Malaysia. It was there fans could see the obvious censorship that was layered over the story, and well - you can see for yourself below.

Yes, that is right. The manga is censored over here. In order to keep estrange the Titans from nudity, it turns out this publisher decided to cover up the beasts with tight shorts. In the shot above, the Attack and War Hammer Titans are shown donning clothes. It turns out the Colossal Titan and others were given this same treatment, so there you have it.

Obviously, this discovery has gone viral with netizens, but locals says not all of Attack on Titan is this censored in Malaysia. It turns out other publishers of the manga didn't add this clothing overseas, but the one spotted by WallyyTheGreat did. Now, fans are flipping through the overtly censored manga to see how it feels, and fans admit they're surprised this edition kept in all of Attack on Titan's blood. But in the face of nudity or gore, it seems this publisher felt it was more prudent to layer up the Titans.


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