Attack On Titan Gives Update on the Titan Army's Location

Attack on Titan is insanely close to finishing it's popular run and things aren't looking good for [...]

Attack on Titan is insanely close to finishing it's popular run and things aren't looking good for the Survey Corps and the nation of Marley as a brand new, yet familiar, threat rears its head and an army of Titans descend upon victims that you might not expect. As Hajime Isayama's franchise has recently released a trailer for the fourth and final season of the anime adaptation of the series, we're sure to see this stunning moment from the manga translated to glorious animation thanks to the fine folks at Studio MAPPA who have taken the reins from Wit Studio!

Warning! If you have yet to read Chapter 129 of Attack On Titan's manga, and don't want the fourth season of the anime spoiled for you, you may want to steer clear of this article!

Fans following the manga of the popular anime franchise know that the former protagonist of the series, Eren Jaeger, has done mad with power that he was able to acquire from the Founding Titan. In using this power, he has taken control of all of the Titans currently residing within the walls of the Eldian society, laser pointing them directly at their enemies in Marley. Promising to eradicate anyone who doesn't have Eldian blood running through their veins , a new Survey Corps has arisen that brings together some of our favorite heroes and villains from the series.

Attack On Titan Army
(Photo: Kodansha)

As Armin, Mikasa, Reiner, and Annie, to name a few, focus on the objective of gaining an airship to travel directly to Eren to put a stop to his quest of genocide. Even with the acquisition of an airship, the new Survey Corps unfortunately won't be able to stop a degree of devastation that these destructive behemoths are causing in their wake. Since making landfall, Hange notes that the encroaching army of Titans will destroy the nation of Marley within four days and that it is already too late for the city known as Liberio.

Liberio, for those who might not be familiar, is a city that is a "safe harbor" for Eldians that are allowed to live within the culture of Marley, treated as lesser citizens. Though this goes against Eren's original edict of not murdering civilians with Eldian blood, we have to wonder if he sees them as acceptable losses in his mission to bring down the nation of Marley.

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