Attack on Titan Team Gives Update on Recent Leak Crackdown

Attack on Titan is moving ahead with its anime right now as season four promises to bring the series right to its end. Of course, the manga is nearing its finale as well with the story expected to close in April 2021. As you might expect, all eyes are on the manga in case anything leaks ahead of time, but it turns out the team behind Attack on Titan is cracking down on illegal leaks ahead of time.

Taking to Twitter, the Japanese profile for Attack on Titan's manga gave fans an update. It was there a statement was shared about the manga, and the team confirmed it has made major strides in plugging manga leaks before they go live.

"Thanks to all the parties involved, we are making great progress in tracking down & identifying the illegal uploads & pre-release leaks of Attack on Titan. We keep looking into such images & texts on YouTube, Twitter & TikTok worldwide. Hope you'll enjoy our official products," the page shared.

Of course, any fan of Attack on Titan will get why this is a big deal. Attack on Titan has been inundated by leaks since day one, and it has only gotten worse as its final chapter has neared. With the finale just two chapters away, all eyes are on leakers who might give fans a heads up about the story's endgame. Clearly, the manga's team is not on board with the spoilers, and it is making good on vows to stop illicit scans where possible. So if you happen to find spoilers for the manga ahead of time, they did some serious acrobatics to avoid the censors.

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