Attack On Titan Features Insane Titan Team Up

The latest story arc of Attack On Titan has presented the new version of the Survey Corps with a devastating choice, with the soldiers having to leave all their cards on the table in order to save the world, leading the way to a Titan team up which hasn't been seen before in the anime franchise's history! With the current quest having gone wrong, Armin and the rest of his fellow corps members are finding the situation going from manageable to dire, with certain members of the Corps deciding that the life or death conflict will require accessing their powered up states!

Warning! If you haven't read Chapter 128 of Attack on Titan's manga, you may want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some serious spoiler territory for the franchise's end game!

In this chapter, the Survey Corps is attempting to steal an airship in order to get to Eren Jaeger and stop his terrifying plan of eradicating anyone who does not have Eldian blood flowing through their veins! With the quest having begun, the Survey Corps members of Eldia that we've grown to know and love have decided that they won't be murdering their former friends in order to stop Eren, which the Marleyian members receive with their eyebrows raised. As the mission begins, things go from bad to worse as Armin and Connie are found out for attempting to stop Jaeger before they are able to acquire an airship.

With the "Jaegerists" swarming the dock, Annie and Reiner decide that enough is enough and unleash their Titan powers to once again become the Female Titan and Armored Titan respectively. The two Titans of Marley begin swatting away the Eldian reinforcements, creating a tag team pair that makes the earth rumble beneath their feet. With Annie having been comatose for such a long part of the franchise's story, this is the first time that she's been back to back with Reiner in his full armored form!

(Photo: Kodansha)

As mentioned earlier, the plan has gone to pot and Armin finds himself on the receiving end of several bullets. Thanks to his Colossal Titan power, he'll manage to heal from these wounds, but Connie begins eradicating the guards to the airship in a frenzied display. With the new Survey Corps having some serious Titan power to rely on, even this might not be enough for them to accomplish their ultimate mission of bringing Eren's reign of terror to an end!

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