'Attack on Titan' Preview Sees A Surprising Soldier Get Bloody

The Survey Corps is gearing up for a fight in Attack on Titan, and the preview for next week's [...]

The Survey Corps is gearing up for a fight in Attack on Titan, and the preview for next week's episode shows a surprising face spattered with blood.

Warning! Spoilers for Attack on Titan lie ahead!

Attack on Titan did a lot of set-up in this week's episode. Based on the teaser at the very end, next week we'll see the action that ensues. Season 3, episode 44 is titled "Wish," and it will presumably show the scouts bursting into the Reiss family's underground crystalline chapel. How things will shake out there is a mystery, but one shot of Hange gives a bloody hint.

The scouts' lead scientist appears to be right in the thick of the violence in the preview. She can even be seen gritting her teeth in a close-up, as blood splatters across half of her face, completely covering one lens of her goggles.

A synopsis for the episode went up on the Shingeki no Kyojin wiki page, though so far it is only available in Japanese. The auto-translate seems to indicate that Eren will reckon with last week's revelation about his father, while Historia will be faced with a decision about her role going forward. Despite the frightening screenshot, Hange is not mentioned in the text.

The obsessive scientist is the one who led her comrades to the Reiss family chapel in the latest episode. Through research and cunning detective work, Hange uncovered the suspicious history of Rod Reiss' family, identifying the chapel as the most likely place for some kind of Titan hiding place. As they traveled, she explained her theory to the other scouts, while elsewhere, dialogue between History and Rod Reiss seemed to prove her right.

The episode ended with Kenny The Ripper and a team of Military Police waiting just inside the door, expecting the scouts to come in at any moment. The MPs were armed with cutsom-made "anti-personnel gear," including pistols and modified omni-directional harnesses. The scouts are equipped with their usual paring blades for slicing Titans, though we may soon see how they hold up against Kenny's firearms.

The trailer also shows Eren's face apparently covered in blood, as he remains chained to his place on the floor. However, the stakes are a bit lower for him, as his Titan-shifting ability will likely heal any damage pretty quickly. What's more disconcerting is his reckoning with his father's deeds. Eren has just learned the truth about his power, and now he will have to decide how to live with it.

Attack on Titan airs every Monday on TokyoTV, with simulcasts on Hulu, Crunchyroll and Anime Lab in North America. New episodes are typically available every Monday at 2 p.m. ET.