'Attack On Titan' Season 3 Reveals Cast & Crew

Attack on Titan has plenty of time to spare before its third season arrives, but fans are taking [...]

Attack on Titan has plenty of time to spare before its third season arrives, but fans are taking any information they can find about the release. Earlier this year, the anime returned for its long-awaited second season, and the third promises to be even bigger. Now, fans can brush up on all the cast and crew slated to take part in the series.

The official website for Attack on Titan includes a list of credits tagged to the show's third season. Much of the franchise's previous talent will return for season three, and you can check out the full list below! So, warning: spoilers!

Character Designer: Asano Kiyoshi / Sub-Character Designer: Yamada Ayumi / Chief Animation Director: Asano Kyoji, Kadowaki Satoshi / Assistant Director: Hiroyuki Tanaka / Action Animation Director: Yumifumi Imai, Yuko Sera and Hideo Takuma / Art Setting: Yachiho Taniuchi and Chiba Takaaki / Visual Concept: Hiroshi Moriyama / Color Design: Hu Takuma / Color Design Director: Ken Hashimoto / Art Director: Shunichiro Yoshihara / 3DCG Director: Shigetori Hirozumi / 3DCG Producer: Shuhei Ushida / Director of Photography: Kazuhiro Yamada / Editing: : Miyumi Mima / Sound Effect: Kurahashi Shizuo / Music : Hiroyuki Sawano / Animation Producer: Tetsuya Nakatake / Animation Production: WIT STUDIO

Eren Yeager: Yuki Kaji / Mikasa Ackerman: Yui Ishikawa / Armin Arlert: Marina Inoue / Connie Springer: Hiro Shimono / Sasha Blouse: Yu Kobayashi / Christa Ritz: Shiori Mikami / Ymir: Saki Fujita / Reiner Braun : Yoshimasa Hosoya / Bertolt Hoover: Tomohisa HASHIZUME / Jean Kirstein: Kisho Taniyama / Annie Leonhart: Yu Shimamura / Hannes: Kenjiro Tsuda / Zoe Hange: Romi Park / Erwin Smith: Daisuke Ono / Levi: Kamiya Hiroshi / Beast Titan: Takehito Koyasu

If you are curious about the season's director, then you have nothing to worry about. Tetsure Araki has signaled he will be returning to oversee the anime already. The director, who worked on Attack on Titan's first two seasons, told fans earlier this year they had a lot to look forward to with season three.

"We really enjoyed making the anime and felt it turned out well in the end. Although the anime takes a break here, we're still working on it. We will put our best efforts into making season 3," Araki told fans during an in-studio interview.

"Will the person wearing glasses at the end of season 2 play a part in season 3? Will everyone be able to survive? Will somebody die? It's hard to know. Look forward to the next season. We're still having fun making Attack on Titan."

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