Attack on Titan Teases Eren and Zeke's Crazy New Goal

As of this week, Attack on Titan is back and living a life few ever saw coming. MAPPA walked out season four with some gnarly art and impressive sequencing that still has the fandom buzzing. Of course, all of these highs are dampened ever so slightly by Eren's recent change of heart. And now, it seems like Attack on Titan has set up his next big goal with Zeke in mind. 

The whole thing came to light this week when Attack on Titan made its big return. Season four made a triumphant move to television that put Eren in the middle of it all. However, those who are caught up with the anime will know Eren is not the hero we thought we all knew. The lead is a villain right now, and his new plan will only solidify his shift.

The midseason premiere unravels Eren's plan with some help from Pieck and Gabi. The pair are able to get out of Eren's warpath in time for Reiner and Porco to fight the former hero. The two are surprised to see Eren hold back in the fight, and Pieck is the one who figures out what is happening. Eren cannot unleash the Rumbling as planned for some reason, and she believes Zeke is the key to unlocking the ability.

Eren may have the Founding Titan needed to enact the move, but Zeke has the bloodline to see it through. Pieck is the one who pieces together the pair's plan to meet up, and the latest episode of Attack on Titan confirms it when Zeke is revealed to be alive. The Beast Titan managed to survive his suicide attack against Levi, and he is all healed up thanks in part to a mysterious titan. Now, Zeke is on the way to reunite with Eren, and their meeting will no doubt be disastrous. So if Mikasa and Armin want to stop Eren, they better kick their plans into overdrive.

What do you make of the new plan these two have cooked up? Are you still shocked by Eren's turn to the dark side in Attack on Titan? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.