Attack On Titan Season 4 Debuts Sasha's Timeskip Look

Sasha has definitely earned her place as a fan favorite character within the roster of dynamic participants in the war between Marley and the children of Ymir, and while she has yet to make her presence known in the fourth and final season of Attack On Titan's anime, Studio MAPPA has given us our first look at what the Survey Corps member will look like following the time skip between seasons. With the latest episode of the Hajime Isayama created epic hinting at an insane showdown, we won't have to wait long to see Sasha in action once again!

Sasha isn't only unique thanks in part to her obsession with all things food-related, but also thanks to her upbringing that saw her, and her family, living in the woods and living off the land as hunters. Though she would eventually join the Survey Corps, her years as a hunter has proved to be invaluable when it comes to slashing down Titans and sporting a bow and arrow throughout her time as a soldier. Needless to say, her skills will be put to the test in the nation of Marley as the Survey Corps has seemingly already found their way into the country that has caused them so much torment throughout their lives while living within the walls.

Twitter User Attack On Titan Wiki showed off Studio MAPPA's take on Sasha, four years following the conclusion of the third season, sporting a brand new look as a soldier as both her and the rest of the Survey Corps are set to take on their most difficult challenge to date in the nation of Marley:

Sasha might not have physically appeared yet in the fourth season of the anime by Studio MAPPA, but she was referenced during a disturbingly hilarious scene wherein Reiner described his time undercover to his family within the Marleyian internment camp. As Reiner explains, the hilarious scene of Sasha sneaking a potato in her first appearance in fact shook him to his core, re-affirming his belief that the Eldians within the walls were devils and selfish to the core.

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