Attack On Titan Season Four Cosplay Introduces "Low Cost" Eren

The fourth season of Attack On Titan has shown Eren Jaeger in a completely different light, with the protagonist of the dark epic taking on a brand new appearance as the war against the nation of Marley amplifies, and the wielder of the Attack Titan's power gets some hilarious "Low-Cost Cosplay" to celebrate. With the latest season of the franchise being its last, it's clear that some big changes are on the way for Eren Jaeger and the other members of the Survey Corps as they attempt to escape the battle of the Titans with their lives.

In the latest installment, Eren Jaeger's friends are feeling hesitant about the wielder of the Founding Titan's abilities following his march on Marley and the number of innocent lives he took in the ongoing war. As the Survey Corps attempts to come to grips with enacting Zeke Jaeger's plan, using the Rumbling to keep the world at bay and carve out a place for the Eldian race, it certainly seems as if Eren isn't entirely on board. As Armin, Mikasa, Jean, and Connie discuss, they begin to grow fearful and skeptical that Jaeger can be trusted and are left wondering just how many enemies they will ultimately have to face before the war finally comes to an end.

Instagram Cosplayer Low Cost Cosplayth shared this hilarious interpretation of shirtless Eren from the fourth season of Attack On Titan, following his attack on the nation of Marley that made Eldia some fresh enemies while also killing several friends of the new characters Gabi and Falco:

Attack On Titan fans are anxious about just how the final story of the series will be told via its anime, as the fourth season only has five or so episodes to go before this latest patch of episodes comes to a close. While many are predicting that the fourth season will receive a "Part Two", others believe that the anime headed by Studio MAPPA might be going the Demon Slayer route and giving us a feature-length film to bring the story of the Survey Corps to a close.

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