Attack on Titan Reportedly Won't Finish Adapting the Series in Season 4

Attack on Titan has been pushing forward with an epic fourth season, but the hasn't made fans immune to speculation. After all, the show is one that breeds fan-theories, but fans are more concerned with how season four will be paced out. The season is said to be the anime's last one, but there is way more manga to adapt than there are confirmed episodes. And now, a new report is going around suggesting season four never intended to bring the manga to a close.

The whole thing started when Attack on Titan put out several new episode titles. A set of four went live in the past week, and it shored up theories about the season's pacing. If the titles are correct, and the show doesn't dramatically alter its chapters-per-episode ratio, then season four will wrap near chapter 116. This was assumed by fans for a while given the chapter's natural lull, but no official word has ever been given regarding the endgame of season four.

Naturally, this means no plans have been announced for a season 4B or spin-off project. Fans have wondered for some time whether such a series would be needed. It has become commonplace for anime series to split seasons into parts, and shows like Sword Art Online have differentiated seasons by name even. This kind of divide is most likely on the way for Attack on Titan, but that is not official by any means.

If a second part does come, fans are betting it will debut this fall. The release would give the spring season ample time to finish its star-studded run, but most importantly, the Attack on Titan manga will be finished by this fall. The series is set to put out its final chapter in early April, so an October 2021 comeback will give the show's team plenty of time to plot out the rest of the story in full. So for now, let's keep our fingers crossed for good news!

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