Attack on Titan Cosplay Channels the Cart Titan's User, Pieck

One Attack on Titan cosplay has gone viral for channeling the Cart Titan's user, Pieck Finger! Attack on Titan's fourth and final season is now in its final stretch of episodes as the series gears up for the final conflict between Paradis and Marley. But before all of this chaos, the season got off to a much slower start as it spent the first few episodes of the final season establishing the ideologies and personalities of the Marleyan warriors on the other side of the conflict. This also introduced fans to the final Titan users as well.

While we had previously seen the Cart Titan in action in the previous seasons of the anime, the fourth and final season finally introduced us to the human user of this power, Pieck. Alongside the new Jaw and War Hammer Titans, fans were glad to finally see this piece of the puzzle come into place. As it turns out, Pieck had been a huge fan favorite following her debut. Now artist @miruqi has gone viral with Attack on Titan fans for bringing Pieck to life through some awesome cosplay! Check it out:

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Attack on Titan's final season seems to be setting up something huge for the final conflict of the series overall, but it's beginning to make fans wonder about the plan as the final season only has a few episodes left in its initial 16 episode order. Reports are starting to pop up over the fact that the fourth season might not be adapting the rest of the series, and it's starting to look more likely given how much of the original manga arc revealed of what's to come.

Studio MAPPA has yet to officially confirm what's going to happen one way or the other, but Pieck and the other Marleyans are preparing for their next big step as of this newest episode. The final arc of the series is really only getting started from here, so fans will definitely want to keep tuning in to see how it all shakes out!

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