Attack On Titan Singer Gets a Titan Makeover in New Commercial

The fourth and final season of Attack On Titan is coming our way thanks to the creative minds at Studio MAPPA and while we don't know the specific date that the next chapter of Hajime Isayama's franchise will arrive, that isn't stopping the series from hitting brand new places such as a coffee commercial featuring the musician Yoshiki. Yoshiki himself was responsible for the Attack On Titan theme song, and has sold over 50 million records world wide since beginning his career as a musician which now has the power to become the "Drum Titan"!

While Attack On Titan is fit to bursting with mindless Titans that are seeking to devour innocent civilians that swarm beneath their feet, there are a number of "chosen" Titans that have the ability to maintain a high level of intelligence in comparison to the "grunts" that wander the landscape. With Eren Jaeger taking on the role of the Attack Titan, the power dynamic between the nation of Marley and the Eldian force known as the Survey Corps shifted in the third season.

Attack On Titan Singer Titan Makeover
(Photo: Asahi Beverage)

As the Titans unleashed a torrent of attacks against the Survey Corps, the majority of the Eldian soldiers were massacred as a result of the Colossal Titan, the Armored Titan, and the Beast Titan, pointing a veritable ton of roaming behemoths toward the walled city. Though the majority of the Survey Corps was killed, Eldia scored a major victory in being able to capture Bertholdt and transfer the power of the Colossal Titan into the tactician Armin.

Yoshiki's theme song, "Red Swan", for Attack On Titan debuted in the first half of the third season of the franchise's anime, and definitely set a new tone for the series that originally relied on booming melodies for the first two seasons' openers. While the theme song for Attack On Titan's final season has yet to be revealed, we wouldn't be surprised Yoshiki were to make a return appearance, though with a new studio at the helm, perhaps there are more changes in the works for the anime series starring Eren Jaeger and his fellow soldiers within the Survey Corps!

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