Attack on Titan Gives Update on Chapter 132

Attack on Titan fans have been waiting to see what's next to come in the manga, and now the editor for the series has given us a new update for Chapter 132. As the manga continues toward its end, series creator Hajime Isayama has been setting the stage for the final confrontation in the series. This makes each new chapter that much more appealing than the last as Eren Jeager has slowly been making the change toward the twisted monster of a villain that he currently is in the manga. Good thing the next chapter is only a few days away.

The editor behind Attack on Titan's manga took to Twitter to confirm that the manuscript for Chapter 132 is now complete and is now ready to publish. This means that the next chapter of the series will be making its previously announced September 9th release date in Japan. The chapter will be available to read in English soon after through Crunchyroll when it drops as well.

Ever since series creator Hajime Isayama noted in an interview that there was only five percent of the series left to go, fans have been especially nervous to see each new chapter. Each new release of the series brings the manga that much closer to its end, so there have been a series of larger consequences with each page turn. Now with Eren set as the final villain of it all, the series is going to lead to an explosive ending.

Are you excited to see what Attack on Titan has in store for Chapter 132 of the series? How do you think the final fight against Eren will go? How do you think this story can come to an end? Is a happy ending possible for any of the characters? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!