This Custom Nike x Attack On Titan Kicks Would Make Eren Proud

Eren Jaeger might not be getting a happy ending when Attack On Titan reaches its final story, but fans are still creating some amazing fan made art that definitely does justice to the main protagonist of the dark anime franchise with some custom Nike sneakers capturing the rage of the Survey Corps soldiers! Eren, in the anime, currently holds the power of the "Attack Titan" and has helped save humanity time and time again, but with the events of the manga putting him into a new and deadly position, we have to wonder if fans will still be making Jaeger sneakers after its conclusion!

Since Attack On Titan began, Eren has been the focal point of the series, losing his mother in the first episode of the anime and swearing revenge against the Titans that have been plaguing the world and keeping his people trapped within walls. While the latest chapter of the manga have definitely created a new scenario for Eren and his friends, with a unique threat currently forging the creation of a new Survey Corps, it will definitely be interesting to see what fans think of the Jaeger Clan once the final story of Attack On Titan is told!

Twitter Artist AlizArt shared this amazing rendition of Nike sneakers that take the menacing, vengeful glare of Eren Jaeger and translated it onto the traditional Nike logo that has become one of the most recognizable logos to appear in the world of sneakers:

While we don't know which chapter will mark the final installment of Attack On Titan's manga, the fourth and final season is currently being produced by the animation house known as Studio MAPPA, marking a big departure from the studio behind the first three seasons in Wit Studio. Originally set to be released later this year in the fall, we aren't sure when it will be released but it seems as if the coronavirus pandemic has definitely put a monkey wrench into the works for the last installment of episodes in the dark anime franchise.

What do you think of these custom Attack On Titan Nike sneakers? What other characters would you like to see get their own Attack On Titan kicks? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Titans!