'Attack On Titan' Reveals One Titan's Big Weakness

Attack on Titan is never afraid to get gritty, and gore seems to be its usual mode of operation. Hajime Isayama isn't one to flinch away from warfare with his work, so Attack on Titan is often as violent as it is strategic as time. And, now, it seems the series just gave an out to one team in their quest to take down a specific Titan.

So, spoilers below!

If you didn't know, the most recent chapter of Attack on Titan went live not too long ago. The update caught up with Eren Jaeger as he continued his assault on Marley with the Survey Corps. Chapter 104 began wit the Colossus Titan make its comeback under Armin's control, but it was far from the only Titan used. Eren held the banner for Paradis while all of Marley's Titans went to battle save for the Armored Titan. However, the battle didn't go as planned for Pieck and her Cart Titan.

When readers last saw the Titan inheritor, Pieck was doing poorly. The Survey Corps managed to injure the girl with explosives, and the group nearly killed her before she was saved by Falco. The little boy was able to pull Pieck from the Cart Titan's incapacitated body before she died, leaving him and Gabi to rush her to safety. It was there the duo wound up informing fans of Pieck's biggest weakness when she is in her Titan form.

"She is seriously injured," Falco says. "The pace of her healing can't even keep up. She has a Titan's power, so how did it become like this?"

After a moment, it is Gabi who reminds Falco that the Cart Titan isn't designed for direct combat. The Titan may have insane endurance, but Pieck has far less defense in her Titan form than any of the other inheritors.

"The Cart Titan can't endure attacks very well. She's different from the Armored Titan," Gabi explains.


With Pieck suffering from a critical wound, it is very unlikely the heroine will return to battle anytime soon. If the girl makes it, she will likely rejoin the Marleyean military once she is fully healed, but there is no telling where the country's forces will be at that point. Now that Eren has killed the War Hammer Titan to absorb its gifts, the power balance between Paradis and Marley has been skewed, and Pieck's power has never been more important as such.

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