Attack On Titan Star Cried For Eren in Final Season

Attack On Titan's final season is just as brutal as the episodes that came before, if not more so, with Eren Jaeger taking a decidedly different approach to saving the world than what he had tried before. In a recent interview, the voice actor behind Eren's voice in Japan took the opportunity to discuss his role, while also stating that this latest season caused him to shed tears for his character that he had portrayed for years, from both Studio Wit and Studio MAPPA.   

In a recent interview with NHK Japan, a popular television channel in the East, voice actor Yuki Kaji shared a number of behind-the-scenes tidbits about his portrayal of the Attack On Titan protagonist who has changed astronomically since the series first hit the small screen, also taking the opportunity to share how his connection to the character made him cry during recording sessions:

"If they are the same words, is it possible to express them differently? As I asked myself that question, I studied about what would be the closes feeling to that thought and that made me think about how good this manga is. It's awesome that change had on Eren and his emotions. Even if you think about it carefully, you'll feel how painful he had to feel. When I was reading the script and dubbing some scenes from home on my won, at that time I couldn't stop thinking about. Even though I had already read the manga and knew what was going to happen, when it came to acting, I really felt what Eren felt and couldn't stop shedding tears."

Currently, with the return of the second half of Attack On Titan's final season, Eren has placed himself into quite the tough situation, now facing down the entirety of Marley's forces by himself, with the Armored Titan, Jaw Titan, and Cart Titan all working in unison to get revenge for his attack on their country and its soldiers earlier in season four. Needless to say, expect even more changes to take place in Eren's life before the series reaches the final battle.

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Via Attack on Fans