Attack On Titan's Yoshimasa Hosoya Reveals How He Performs Reiner for Final Season

Reiner has gone through quite the journey over the course of Attack On Titan, first presented as a friend to Eren Jaeger and the Scout Regiment before being revealed to be an undercover agent for the nation of Marley. With the final season releasing the first of its last episodes, expect some major developments for Reiner, with the voice actor behind the Armored Titan revealing some key info for what might be his final performance with the character.

In an interview that took place at the end of 2021, Hosoya had this to say about his approach to Reiner, who has changed pretty wildly over the course of the series:

"It's a little hard to explain, but I had to imagine that I was inside a battlefield. I had to act like a man who was exhausted and finally reached his homeland. This was the image I had in mind. Somehow, when I saw Reiner in the key visual, I didn't know if he was wearing a military uniform or not at the time. But in his new look, he had a beard and was thinner than before. That's when I put myself in his skin and I felt how tired he must have been. If you compare this key visual with the one that came out in Season One years ago, you can imagine the contrast between the two characters. That helped me in a way for the interpretation I had to make about him."

Yoshimasa also had this to say about Reiner's appearance, as the battle between the Eldians and Marleyians comes closer to an end:

"He is really strong without needing to show it, but then you see the impact that his battle scars had every time he remembered flashbacks to being a warrior. That's why I had him in mind to play him easier in the dubbing, to make him more human so I could identify with him."

Reiner is currently battling against Eren in a fight that might decide the fate of the world, but luckily for the Armored Titan, he has serious backup in the forms of the Jaw and Cart Titans.

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Via Attack On Fans