Attack on Titan Preview Teases Season 3 Climax

Attack on Titan season 3 is coming to a close, and the last few episodes of season 3 part 2 have been particularly big in terms of dropping in major reveals about the story and characters fans thought they knew. Now we're about to see the impact of those big reveals play out, in the Attack on Titan season 3 finale!

Take a look at the preview for Attack on Titan episode 58, "Attack Titan", in the video below!

Attack on Titan episode 57 dropped some major mind-f***s on fans, regarding the history of Eren Yeager's family and connection to the Titans. We learned the origin of Grisha Yeager, Eren's father, and the world he comes from; a world much bigger than survivalist story that the citizens of "Humanity Within the Walls" has been led to believe. It turns out that the Titans originate with the "Subjects of Ymir," a race of humans who were born with the ability to transform into Titans, and built the famous Eldian empire. After a long conflict within the ranks of Eldia, as well as their subjects, the Marleyans, Eldia fell in the Great Titan War, with the Eldian king building the Walls to create a final Eldian safe haven, protected from the Marleyan uprising. However, the king's refusal to fight ended up giving rise to two warring factions: the Eldian Restorationists, and Marley's Warriors, each competing for the same mission objective: infiltrate the Walls, and obtain the Attack Titan that now resides inside of Eren Yeager.


Now that the knowledge of the Titans' history and connection to both Eldia and Marley is out there, Eren Yeager now has a bigger target on his back, and an even bigger responsibility to fulfill the mission his father always intended for him. What that means at this pivotal point in Attack on Titan's story remains to be seen - but it's now impossible for the surviving embers of the Survey Corps to ignore the new reality they've stumbled upon - or for Eren, Mikasa, and Armin to ignore the connected dots between Grisha Yeager, Zeke the Beast Titan and the Fall of Shinganshina District, which have revealed the most tragic part of Attack on Titan's history, so far.

Attack on Titan season 3 part 2 is now streaming weekly on Hulu, Funimation and Crunchy Roll.