Avatar The Last Airbender Cosplay Mixes Fire And Water With Azula and Katara

With fans re-discovering the world of benders as Avatar The Last Airbender has been brought to the streaming service of Netflix, with the sequel series of the Legend of Korra following suit this month, cosplayers are taking the opportunity to share some of their best interpretations of fan favorite characters such as the princess of the Fire Nation in Azula and the most famous water bender of the franchise in Katara. With a live action adaptation for Last Airbender currently in the works for Netflix, we are crossing our fingers that the characters will look similar to many of the cosplayers we've seen!

Azula and Katara fought one another in the final episode of Avatar The Last Airbender, with the water bender fighting alongside the prince of the Fire Nation in Zuko, as they tag teamed against the crazed princess. With the battle of "Agni Kai", no punches were pulled when it came to these benders clashing with one another, as Azula was flinging not only fire, but lightning from her finger tips that nearly killed both her brother and Katara a number of times. With Zuko and Katara managing to win the battle, Azula fell into despair and essentially lost her mind due to her devastating loss.

Instagram Cosplay Account CosplayChoco shared this amazing pair of cosplayers that truly capture two of the most fan favorite characters from the world of Avatar The Last Airbender:

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I’m supper happy people are really into watching ATLA right now because y’all should remember that the themes are still incredibly relevant today. I mean we can really start at the fire nation. Imagine realizing the country and nation you thought was so great and could do not wrong was actually encamping and enslaving people. Putting individuals in jail for being who they were. That the greatness and success of your country was a facade to hide their actual crimes against human decency. Avatar has always been riddled with government corruption and the fight tradition. Zuko in the end didn’t “abolish the fire nation” but ended up making a new republic. A new system. And this happened over the course of years just saying we could learn a couple things here. 💃🏾 Azula: @kaykay.ninja Katara: me (@cosplaychoco) 📷: the awesome @courtex.studios . . #cosplay #avatarthelastairbender #avatarthelastairbendercosplay #atlacosplay #atla #cosplayer #cosplayegirl #azula #azulacosplay #katara #kataracosplay #aang #taiyoucon2020 #netlfix

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