Avatar The Last Airbender Cosplay Captures The Style of Zuko

Avatar the Last Airbender has gotten to be in the headlines a lot recently thanks in part to arriving on the streaming service of Netflix, with its sequel Legend of Korra, being dropped onto the platform next month, and one cosplayer has captured the style of the prince of the Fire Nation, Zuko. Zuko is easily one of the most complicated character of the Last Airbender, struggling with his responsibilities to his country while also trying to find himself and ultimately, what he wants in his life as he originally attempted to capture the Avatar to appease his father.

Prince Zuko started out as a full blown villain in the series, not taking into account the lives of those who stood in his way, but eventually, began to realize that his journey was one that was ultimately destroying his own life. It was through the people he met in the series, and his uncle Iroh, that Zuko began to realize that his place was to battle at Aang and his friends' side, stopping his father from taking over the world and destroying the traditions of the Fire Nation in the process. Zuko would return in Legend of Korra, though we only saw him as a very elderly man, though he was given graphic novel series that dove further into his journey for his mother.

Instagram Cosplayer CPher_Art shared this stylish Zuko Cosplay that brings to life the aesthetic and style of the prince of the Fire Nation in the latter half of the series that saw him battling against his sister alongside Katara to help in stopping his father's war on the world:


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